Past editions

G1PEC 6th pitch round

Entrepreneurship in times of pandemic June 12th, 2020 Despite the global situation,  we gathered online to hold the sixth round of G1PEC pitches. This session was particularly special because it focused on a common theme, and we had an audience. In addition to the entrepreneurs and the committee, around ten …

July 03, 2020

G1PEC 4th pitch round

Shooting for the stars April 25th, 2019 The five universities in the network: HU, UNAM, UNAL, UNMSM, and UTEPSA, attended this session. However, only three of them pitched their business idea. The fields covered were diverse; for example, we had a project related to the spread of Japanese culture in …

August 21, 2019

G1PEC 3rd pitch round

Starting small, dreaming big
The network has grown and five entrepreneurs from five different countries participate in this session. G1PEC network expanded.

December 07, 2018

G1PEC 2nd pitch round

Step by step, learning in the process
Entrepreneurs of the UNAM and HU pitched in the presence of representatives of four Latin American universities during the Global Innovation Week.

March 22, 2018

G1PEC 1st  pitch round

The first jump of the penguin
HU & UNAM started the friendly pitch round with the participation of the private recycling company COCCO.

November 13, 2017