An annual event took place in Mexico City and Guanajuato with Mexican universities (before the COVID-19 restriction)

Early March this year, the global collaboration team visited Mexico. One of the purposes was to start activities at the new HU  office at a UNAM facility called CRAI. On March 10th, an event called “Open Office” was held, with around twenty undergraduate students participated in the explanation of the exchange programs offered by HU.

Following the Open Office, two events took place on the topic “Society 5.0”, one being on March 11th organized with the Research Institute in Applied Mathematics and Systems (IIMAS) of UNAM, and the other on March 13th at the Silao Campus of the University of Guanajuato. Professors from the respective universities and managers from the local industry attended the sessions because of the sudden prohibition of students’ attendance due to COVID-19. The event at Guanajuato, however, was recorded and will be broadcasted later to the students.

At both of the events, Prof. Naotaka Hirami made a presentation about the triple helix activities at HU, and Prof. Kazufumi Kaneda, Vice Dean of the School of Informatics and Data Science, gave a presentation about a contribution of machine learning and computer graphics for the future society. Afterward, the professor talked about a new Data Science study program at Hiroshima University. At the end of the session at UNAM, several academic collaboration proposals were discussed for further cooperation.



HU Open office at CRAI, UNAM                                       Presentation by Prof. Kazufumi Kaneda